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Time only goes by slowly when u do nothing with it


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Mul▲h Truth: Why WOMEN keep their guard up...


Of course she keeps her guard up, knowing that from past experience sometimes the one’s you trust the most are also the ones to often cause you pain. See she’s been there, done that and heard it all before. The higher her expectations the greater the disappointment.

See, we jump to conclusions….

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ummm a laptop

Its when things go wrong that you must not quit….

U know its so bleak that my best friend of ten years and I have ”split up ” so to speak without so much as a goodbye…

Im heartbroken - but that swiftly changes to fury because I feel so …wronged in this whole situation.

It began because he lied about sending me a birthday card - a card that came two months after my birthday which he only sent under duress because I had made him feel guilty by bringing it up…

That whole debacle sparked a chain of events that led to our eventual demise.. I have been shocked to my very core that something that I believed to be so strong wasn’t able to withstand the ‘pressure’ of 2hr distance and unravelled after the relatively minuscule drama of him forgetting my card… maybe it was just time anyway??

I dont know…I guess I never will … Im struggling to get to a place where I feel like moving on is giving up ya know?

But then its unhealthy to pine after something that is dead… I pray the lord shows me the way to cope with…this day…and the day after that …and the day after that..time heals all wounds right?? Our anniversary went by - so did Christmas nect up is my birthday , then his… then and maybe only then will I be able to allow myself to cry and get over this heartbreaking mess.

Me doing my gig on New Years Eve :)

Its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice…

What are you doing?

Toasting! Still Coasting!

Not really noticing,

Not really focusing

…on what the world has to offer you.

Take your piece of the pie


You got ONE SHOT to try